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Cover of Pablo's book titled "My Poor Dad"

Pablo first book | Self-published | Memoir

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Review of My Poor Dad:

An honest and touching account of alcoholism and fatherhood.

In My Poor Dad, James Gregory Paul Sr. combines a layman's, first-hand description with clinical findings of the cause and effects of alcoholism, trickling down from father to son. Paul Sr. holds no bar in sharing with the reader the raw pain and shame that alcohol addiction brought on his family during those troubling years. Yet, My Poor Dad is not just a tale of family dysfunction. It is also an undeniable confirmation that through all the struggles and challenges that a family may face, faith in the ultimate triumph of goodness, refusal to give up, and love are the true remedies for healing. Paul Sr. even goes as far as to identify available resources for batting this addiction. My Poor Dad is a must read!


Cover of Kneeling for Justice - a collection of social justice poems by James G Paul sr aka Jaime Pablo

Social Justice Poems | Inspired by Colin Kaepernick & BLM | Cover by Pablo

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Review by Lawrence Houston:

 "Kneeling for Justice" is an unexpected call to arms to the mostly silent majority, white, and unforgivable blacks, browns and yellows, to confront heroically, or at least, honestly, the lingering vestiges of Jim Crow's (what I call) reductionism, that the continuing abuse and discrimination suffered by non whites at the hands of white people, whether part of the ruling class or not, can be attributed to a single "unassailable " fact that black people, and their several versions, are sub human.

Paul, however, in this small revue, seeks, at least, to remind or bruise, if no more, our sensibilities; again, if not totally, to expose the hypocrisy of silence of our own people, on the one hand, and on the other, the cacophony of self -serving political euphemisms of both the right and the left, used to assuage their own guilt, as they stifle and seek to sweep under the rug the ugly reality that still pervades American society with all its democratic appendages, declarations and tokens. 

~ LH

Cover of El Dorado - The Reveal, a social media play script by Jaime Pablo about Guyana's pork-knockers' culture and folklore

A Play Script | Creolese Dialogue | Ten Episodes | Cover by Pablo

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Cover of Anthology of Poetry Posters by Pablo. Full color edition.

Fusion of Digital Art & Poetry | Thirty-three Full-Color Posters | Cover by Pablo

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Black and White cover of Behcet's in Black, a memoir by James G Paul Sr aka Jaime Pablo

Paperback | A Memoir | Cover by PublishAmerica

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